What are Skills & Qualities Required to Get Placement in Campus?

The pattern of the recruitment process in India has been continuously changing due to tremendously growing competition. In India, companies are making continual efforts to find innovative talents to fill the gaps in the workplace. Owing to this, organizations have been compelled to widen their hiring scope via campus placement.

Campus placements are one of the major platforms, that gives multiple opportunities for budding professionals. Hence, is said to be one of the biggest events in every student’s life. Achieving a lucrative campus placement offer is an award for every candidate. In today’s time, MBA, Engineer, or Medical, everyone has to strive hard to win the flag in this cut-throat competition. Therefore, conducting job interviews within the premises of various education institutions allows their students to embark on their professional journey with esteemed organizations. 

In this article, we will talk about the skills/traits you need to develop to catch recruiters’ attention and will help you achieve success in the campus placement process. So, if you lack any of the qualities mentioned below, work on it and improve it!

Top 15 Skills & Qualities Required to Get Placement in Campus

During the job interviews, having the right skill set is all will instantly open routes towards your selection. After all, this is what any organization hunts; the appropriate skills for the right for the designation. Therefore, prerequisites such as developing certain skills and traits that are specific to a profession should be taken into consideration by aspiring professionals to maximize their chances of success.

Key Skills Required to Crack Campus Placement Interviews:

Skills are boundless. They are not just limited to technical skills which you earn during your college courses, you tend to acquire many non-technical and soft skills at the office as well. Therefore, prerequisites such as developing certain skills and traits that are relevant to a profession should be taken into consideration by aspiring professionals to maximize their chances of success.

Build these essential skills outlined below and increase your chances of getting hired during your campus placement interviews:

1. Confidence

Confidence is the most important skill that will help you to break the chain in the competition. Being confident will help you to present your knowledge, sense of decision making, cracking questions, and negotiate at different stages of interviews.

At last, the recruiter panel rate and value candidates with basic quality and pick their best prospects. So, remember to present yourself well, as the first imprecision is said to be the last impression!

2. Attitude

Always wear the right attitude during job interviews. Every movement, gestures, and tone get calculated. Portray your different shades smartly, gently, and confidently. 

And of course, carefully respond to every question, don’t rush to conclude the interview question. Be a good listener and present your answers. 

3. Enthusiasm

Show your eagerness to get the job. The company knows that you are a fresher and might lack in a few aspects. Hence, show them your passion to learn and explore new things at work. 

Let them observe that you are open to learning. After all, the passion to learn at work is the biggest way to reach closer to your expertise.

4. Humility

Avoid boasting about your achievements, unless asked. Don’t intentionally try impressing the interview panel. Maintain modesty and let your answers and resume do all the talking.

5. Inquisitiveness

Companies are interested to hire candidates who will bring overall growth to the organization. Candidates who are keen on discovering new ideas are sure to get recruited.

So, make sure they get to witness the zeal, energy, and interest within you.

6. Industry Certifications

To save money and time in training, companies are seeking to hire candidates with Industry-certifications. “Industry-certifications” are achieved when a candidate has studied the relevant job curriculum and passed the examination on the same. 

Thus, these certifications are believed to enhance the credibility of a candidate’s portfolio and skills. So, to win the game, make sure they stand out of the crowd!

7. Hard-Working

Dedication always helps you achieve your goal. It the best quality you can show to the recruiters. i.e. your achievements in academics and extra-curricular activities.

You can also share your capabilities and experience during internship programs, campus events, and social development initiatives if any. 

8. Team Player

No more sole-ownership. When you step in any organization you are generally assigned in a particular team. Interviewers value candidates who are willing to work in a team. Show them that hiring you will make progressive and efficient coordination in their company!

If questioned, brief them your coordination and team working efforts during group discussions, team projects, and annual events in college. So, ensure that they sense a good team spirit within you.

9. Consistency

The most interesting skill for HR. They scrutinize the level of consistency in a candidate’s performance, in terms of academics, attendance, and attitude over the course duration. Make sure that you avoid contradicting your opinions while trying to answer the relatable questions.

10. Interpersonal & Communication Skills

This is the primary skillset, that panels give attention to! Always remember to clear with your thoughts and speech.

Convince your employer to hire you as the right candidate by framing and delivering proper answers. So, if you are possessing good communication & interpersonal skills you will be one step ahead for selection. 

11. Quick Learner

Ability to gain new knowledge is what the recruiter team looks for! So, the faster you learn the more you will gain. Candidates with the capability for quick learning is sure to win the competition. This quality often provides an individual to boost their efficiency at the workplace.

However, due to the fast-changing market trends, companies are looking to hire candidates who will require constantly cope up with the innovative technologies and customer demands.

So, constantly expand your areas of interest and sources of knowledge to grasp new skills. Having this attitude will make you win half the battle.

12. Leadership

Being a leader is a different thing altogether! Unlike a team player, a leader is a single player in the ground. A good leader possesses a certain set of qualities such as planning skills, strategic thinking skills, management skills, entrepreneurial skills, stress management, and communication & influencing skills.

Companies value leaders who maintains a positive attitude, have a clear vision, set definitive goals, follow concrete action plans, motivate others, have strong values & morals, and be passionate. Moreover, one can enhance these skills over a while. 

13. Problem-Solving skills

A problem solver should be a good decision maker and multi-tasker that will help an organization to achieve fruitful results during challenging situations.

Hence, this skill ranks in employment-worthy skills. Companies prefer hiring freshers who are problem solvers and are capable of defining problems, identifying risk factors, formulating alternative solutions, effectively evaluating, and implementing the best solution. So, display your problem-solving skills during aptitude and situational-based tests.

14. Integrity

This soft skill can give you a winning edge over the competition. Be honest during the placement interviews. Don’t enter fabricated information when you are asked to fill up a personal information questionnaire during the interviews.

Be true with your achievements and your capabilities graph. You will miss your chance if not handled properly!

15. Your Resume

Last but most important “Your Resume”. This piece of paper is going to reflect your achievements, academics competency, personality, and employable skills.

To put your best foot forward in front of the recruiters, prepare, and present your resume wisely. 

Therefore, candidates are taking in extra efforts to polish their skills and level of knowledge to maintain the equilibrium of the transforming job-seeking process. 

Training & Career Development Programs at Shobhit Deemed University

Shobhit Deemed University feels very fortunate to provide qualified manpower resources to drive the country’s growth engine. The group has set its milestone in placing 50,000+ Alumni in various international boundaries. 

Since the year 1989, we have been nurturing knowledge, entrepreneurship, and creativity and believe these pillars will be standing strong for exploiting emerging global opportunities. Hence, to make our future gems concrete Shobhit Deemed University is providing training and advancement programs before final placements.

Skill Development Modules:

University has designed a systematic process of meeting student’s career aspirations and corporates expectations where, the placement department function as a bridge between the University’s Schools, Industries, and Students. This whole process is very transparent.

Before inviting the leading companies, the university trains and develops every individual to attain maximum placement.

During the process, the eligible students are inspired to take part in the entire selection process. The entire selection is judged as per student’s performance and ability under industry norms and obligations.

Both final jobs and Summer Internship training are an integral part of our university’s calendar as this is the key to final placements. Some of the core skill development programs are:

  • Interdisciplinary Skills Module
  • English Language Skills Module
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Module
  • Soft Skills Module and more.

So, if you are looking for one of the best universities to groom your corporate skills you should try enrolling in Shobhit Deemed University.

Click to enroll https://admission.shobhituniversity.ac.in/ 

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