How to Choose Best Engineering College After 12th

Education in India has spiked at a new height in recent years. Colleges have turned out to grow very competitive to give out the best in society.

Today, everyone wants to aspire to their career in the best college. But, due to the robust competition very few get the opportunity to live their dream. Thus, the selection of the right college after 12th becomes very difficult. 

If ever given a thought, there is no right or wrong institute, there are only institutes that are suitable for you after completion of your 12th grade.

At Shobhit Deemed University, our prime objective is to stimulate and build student’s dream careers by providing them the world-class education facilities and guidance.

How to Choose Best Engineering College?

Decision making at this early stage can be very tough​​. But, if you have given a thought about your areas and interest of studies, that will like to pursue after 12th standard the decision will become quite simpler.

This blog will eventually help you and your family to take a wise decision towards college selection. Below are a few parameters to streamline your college selection process:

1. Choosing an engineering stream

“The selection of the degree impacts your personal as well as professional life as a whole.”

As we all know, engineering is a job-oriented professional course that widens your scope of job opportunities. Therefore, students tend to train themselves from the best engineering colleges in India. And soon during or after the completion of their desired engineering degree, they want to get placed in the best private and public companies.

At Shobhit Deemed University, the courses offered are not limited to traditional theories. The college extensively encourages innovative and practical ways to improve student’s abilities.

2. Considering and categorizing colleges

After a successful selection of the course, students usually get stuck in assorting the college. This task can be a bit confusing but as there is a huge investment involved, we need to be firm and clear about the college selection.

The most effective way to prepare your college list is, do in-depth research. This will end up picking up the best colleges in Meerut.

Few necessary things you should consider on a priority basis are:

  • Courses Offered
  • Placement Assistance
  • Campus Infrastructure
  • Knowledge Sharing Patterns
  • Extra-Curricular Activities

So, make sure you complete the above-mentioned mandatory checklist before opting for the best colleges in Meerut.

3. List your criteria

The above-mentioned criteria are the major points that every student should focus on while sorting the colleges. But, to smoothen down your initial investigating process we have classified the criteria in detail.

  • Degree offered

Target an institute offering all the core engineering degrees like graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degree programs. The more variety of degrees offered the more variety of jobs you will be eligible for.

Unlike other universities, Shobhit Deemed University has evolved into a top University for engineering students to achieve success through the latest education patterns and hands-on application.

  • Location (rural or urban)

Location plays an important role in the selection decision. It’s completely on you, whether you are willing to choose a college in rural or urban areas.

Mostly students opt for college which is convenient for their daily accessibility. But, if you are focusing more on your comfort zone in terms of connectivity, campus vibe, and opportunities to grow, you should certainly try for Shobhit Deemed University.

  • Distance from home

Whether the college is near or far away from home is the major concern for students. So, we can say that geographic location can have an impact on overall college selection.

As Shobhit Deemed University is established in a prominent part of the Meerut City, the distance from home quite convenient. With an ample number of connectivity options daily commutation to home becomes easy.

  • Government or Private

Nowadays, both Government and Private Universities offer a good education system and placement assistance.

The fee structure in the Government Universities is quite reasonable; but, if you are talking about the infrastructure, education programs, faculties, and other facilities Private Universities are potentially good.

So, if you are happened to compare Shobhit Deemed University with a Government College, then it can be declared pretty amazing.

  • Cost (tuition, room)

Universally said, “Expensive things are not always worth your Investment”. Stating this statement, we want to explain to you that it’s not necessary that colleges which high price tags will deliver you good knowledge and career stability.

Shobhit Deemed University in Meerut is one of the most prestigious and favoured colleges by students. With a decent cost structure, the college is offering N number of Degrees and Professional courses.

Besides, the facilities like Internet Connectivity, Campus Infra, Knowledge Development Programs, Food and other residential accommodations provided within the annual cost, is very economical.

  • Financial aid or scholarships

Always opt for a college that affords financial aid or scholarships to students. Generally, these criteria give relief to middle-class families and help them to stabilize their careers with ease. Plus, it increases the chances of annual tuition fees negotiation.

  • Campus resources

Colleges with standard computer labs, Hi-tech software and internet connectivity, well-structured classrooms, and spacious libraries are the best. Therefore, the more the campus resources, the better will be the scope of learning.

So, if you think to cross by the Shobhit Deemed University, remember to have a quick look at their quality campus facilities.

  • Placement and internships

Remember to select which is giving you the value of money. A college providing you placement and internships in global companies are the best.

So, before enrolling in any Private Universities remember to track their placement records.

  • Accreditation

Ensure, that the college is accredited to meet the basic academic standard. This means that the college holds an eligibility license for higher education and is recognized by educational bodies. A college can be either accredited nationally or regionally, don’t, worry about it much!

  • Class size

Smaller or Bigger, nowadays, you can witness an average class strength in any college. But if considered the rough strength of a good college ranges from 500 – 80,000. Usually big and best colleges will have a large class size, which means the availability of the resources in the colleges should also be large.

Similarly, at Shobhit Deemed University the class size is comparatively big as compared to other colleges in Meerut. Hence, you can conclude how resourceful college it is.

  • Quality/reputation/classes

And the most important always choose a college which holds a good reputation in the society. Because, this key indicator will indicate where your career is going to be, what status you will hold in society, and what are your chances to work with renowned global companies.

  • Student body (gender, diversity, community)

A college with a diversified community is always better. Is makes an individual adaptable to different cultures, genders, and religions.

At Shobhit Deemed University, you will get to explore and experience every bit of it, as students from all over the world come to learn and build their future here.

  • Social life

Colleges with a lack of social life is a very bad deal. Every college aims to educate its students in the best way. But, the absence of social life will terminate the passion for learning.

So, apart from ancient techniques of learning, colleges should encourage students to participate in annual events and extra-curricular activities.

  • Qualification and past performance of the Faculty

Lastly, the college should have a good staff and management record. Quality of education depends upon the quality of staff in the college. This can be a little difficult to predict without attending a demo lecture, but yes during this sort of situation you can always consult someone who was already a part of the college. So, do follow their feedback; after all, they are going to be your career mentors.

4. Rank your priorities

Sit and give a thought about your priorities. Whether it is the quality education, career, and personal growth you are looking for or you just want to quench your thirst getting into a cool and bustling campus.

5. Entrance Exam

Learn about the entrance test patterns and eligibility criteria. Prepare well before applying for the university entrance exams. It’s a well-known fact that the exams are quite tough so give your best shot to get into the best!

6. Location and Demography

Away or near, this will be a critical factor while opting for a college. always pick a college that will be suitable for the daily commute or a college with a beautiful residential campus with standard accommodations.

7. Check if you are eligible for any scholarship or financial aid

If there are scholarship facilities, explore the eligibility criteria as it might secure some extra payable money during the course duration. 

8. Soak in the atmosphere

Of course, campus ambiance is very important but do remember to fill in your college selection bucket with other criteria like infrastructure, academics, fee structure, and placement.

And trust us, you will experience everything under one roof when you are Shobhit Deemed University.

9. Don’t be brand conscious

Don’t aim for a brand always aim for the best! Whether branded or non-branded always select the best when it comes to building your career. Sit refer to the websites of the colleges, do self-research, and senior recommendations. 

10. Make sure you have the required scores

To enroll in the best university make sure you obtain a fruitful result in your hand i.e you should be at least eligible for the minimum admission criteria.

So, keep your emotions aside and polish your preferable criteria and select a college according to our recommended balanced list.

Ultimately, your career should reflect your life goals and needs. So, select them wisely!

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