How Shobhit Deemed University’s Research and Innovation based Education is Redefining Higher Education Landscape

According to the recent progressive pattern, the majority of learning hubs in India are encouraging an experimental-based approach to teaching. And to add a twist in the story, they are implementing the latest innovative strategies. 

As per Educational Boards in India, this Research and Innovation based technique has drastically uplifted the graph of higher education. 

Have you ever thought why this drastic change has become so important?

If you take a close look at the transforming education pattern; you will observe nearly all the educational bodies are widely accepting this technique. This cutting-edge technique is implemented to re-frame and polish the potential future leaders of tomorrow. 

Why has Shobhit Deemed University adopted the Research and Innovative based approach of Education?

Our vision is to educate and develop students with new innovative ideas. “Knowledge should not only be limited to books; students should innovatively learn to acquire new areas of knowledge.” 

Thus, at Shobhit Deemed University, we stimulate students to adopt the latest techniques of learning to make a difference to the world. 

This research-based will undoubtedly make an individual practically capable of handling the emerging challenges in the corporate world.

Teaching Methodology 

Today, Shobhit Deemed University is skilfully achieving excellence in imparting knowledge in society ensuring optimistic growth. 

Being a research-intensive university, we are now encouraging pure research and innovative practices of learning.

In this blog, we are going to earn an idea about the latest innovation-based education pattern and several other techniques of learning at Shobhit Deemed University.

1.Innovations in Teaching

Right now, what the leading universities are trying is to gain traction over the latest innovations and technologies to redefine the landscape of teaching-learning procedures. 

Several aspects which shall be focused on are listed below:

  • Level of Academic Challenge

Adjusting to changing the learning pattern can be a little tough but not impossible. Therefore, at Shobhit Deemed University, we are incorporating new innovative solutions that are expected to bring out a wave of development within the students. 

Mostly, students tend to win over academic challenges by​​ adopting these new academic techniques. Similarly, these simple and effective research-based strategies will certainly maximize their potential to combat unwanted challenges in college, workplace, or society.

  • Active and Collaborative Learning

The Collaborative Learning model is designed to actively engage and collaborate with students and teachers together in the learning process.

This learning procedure has been adopted to promote interaction, the achievement of academic goals, and encourage teamwork in the business world.

  • Student-Faculty Interaction

Problem-solving, Peer Evaluation, and Quality Learning become very difficult if there is a lack of interaction between students and faculty. Thus, in Shobhit Deemed University, we are promoting learning which involves two-way communication.

Few of the teaching modules that Shobhit Deemed University has adopted are:

Problem-based Learning

Peer Teaching and Editing

Group Discussions

Case studies


Thus, to understand the decision making and conflict management abilities, Shobhit Deemed University is executing student and faculty collaborative learning programs.

  • Enriching Educational Experiences

Participating and enriching educational experiences is one of the key factors to redefine the present education system. 

The management of Shobhit Deemed University encourages students to actively participate in Industry Coursework, Recreational programs, Community service, Professional courses, and other co-curricular activities to promote social, economic, and ethnic harmony.

  • Supportive Campus Environment

An institute with supportive campus surrounding always inspire students to learn more! Think about the positive aura that is going to shower knowledge in every corner of the campus. 

So, Shobhit Deemed University has an extraordinarily developed campus that is accommodated with a standard supportive environment which is sure to enhance the learning pattern of the student.

2. Teaching Quality and Mentoring System

The teaching and mentoring system is a key factor that is responsible for developing effective learning. It is the quality of the teaching and mentoring system, that portrays the standard of the institute.

We all are aware that, mentoring plays a critical role in career guidance. Proper mentoring helps a student to set and achieve high standards and Quality teaching, on the other hand, inspires students to anticipate the upcoming challenges. 

At Shobhit Deemed University, every single student will ultimately witness a transformation through the inventive structure of teaching and monitoring.

  • Internal Monitoring

Regulation is important to boost the social and academic outcomes of students. Effective internal monitoring is always driven to motivate, improve, and betterment of the students.

Thereby, Shobhit Deemed University implies its vision and strategic goals to ensure improvement in the overall learning structure.

  • Tutor-Mentor System

At Shobhit Deemed University, both formal and informal style of education is encouraged. Faculties are more oriented towards mentoring as it allows them to advise students towards career guidance, professional networking, and personal advancement. While tutoring is also involved as it focuses more on professional improvement.

So, in this university students will be experiencing the tutor-mentor system to upswing their personal and professional life.

  • Feedback System

Recently, this module has been proved very effective in the learning system. The feedback system aims to refine the student’s education.

Thus, in Shobhit Deemed University we have implemented a student-teacher feedback assessment where a teacher or learner can give feedback about each other’s performances towards teaching or learning. 

3. Highlight Research Centers

Shobhit Deemed University is committed to accomplishing excellence in the field of Research and ensures a huge contribution to the well-being of society. 

Grown as a research-intensive university, Shobhit Deemed University has become a central hub for scholars across global boundaries.

Thus, aiming to share standard-quality teaching, Shobhit Deemed University has adopted several international and competitive learning patterns to improve their division of research. 

Listing the Research Centers of Shobhit Deemed University

For conducting research-oriented programs, education mentorship, and development, the University has established notable centers.

Some of the major centers established and proposed by the University for Research are: 

So, as we have glanced at the learning techniques of the University, we’re are sure you must have concluded what an exceptional career you are going to build by becoming a part of the Shobhit Deemed University.

So, as we have glanced at the learning techniques of the University, we’re are sure you must have concluded what an exceptional career you are going to build by becoming a part of the Shobhit Deemed University.

See your Dreams shaping at the Shobhit Deemed University!

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