10 Reasons to Choose Shobhit Deemed University

In recent times Indian Universities rank globally in terms of education advancement. This robust elevation in the educational sector is proving to be a source of motivation for a higher number of enrolments in institutes. Considering this pace of development, the education industry in India is forecasted to be imperative in the coming years.

Today, one of the most renowned university in Meerut, the “Shobhit Deemed University” has fixed their roots to implement its only mission “To Empower the Younger Generation through Multi-disciplinary and Strategic Research Approaches of Education”. 

Additionally, to compete in the learning revolution, the Shobhit Deemed University has successfully introduced trending knowledge enhancement digital modules, skill development sessions, and digital-oriented internship patterns through e-learning facilities. 

University Overview & Legacy

Since 2009, Shobhit Deemed University has been encouraging and critically implementing diversified learning patterns for promoting career growth. With its competitive learning and development strategy, the institute has strived hard to achieve its milestones and thus has become one of the leading universities in India.

And today, as we all can witness the remarkable appreciation the institute has received for educating young leaders from all over the world and is expected to shine further.

“In ancient India, knowledge was the primary key to acknowledge the truth!” Similarly, in recent times knowledge is the real power to rule the world! “Being a believer in real-time innovations, Shobhit Deemed University has always encouraged students to be dynamic-thinkers and high-achievers.

Why choose Shobhit Deemed University?

Through our practice of practical approaches, we have taught our students to face emerging challenges and sustain in the unconventional world of competition.

Today, in this blog we are going to learn why you should choose Shobhit Deemed University and several initiatives taken by the institute to stabilize the current learning scenario. 

  1. Infrastructure

This modern institute has instated its pillars to educate young enthusiasts from global boundaries and has committed to transform the learning environment by assisting the students with the best learning infrastructure.

Hence, here at Shobhit Deemed University students are bound to achieve success through advanced training and Hi-tech Digital assistance like Digital Library, Classrooms with ICT assistance, Hi- Connectivity Internet. To add cherry on the top the institute has an eye-catching canteen and spacious green lawns.

  • Reputed and Experienced Faculty

Faculty members at Shobhit Deemed University have generated their vast knowledge through innovative research in all functional areas of the industry across countries to benefit academia and society.

As our team of Gurus holds several years of technical expertise, they continuously guide the students to refine their career objectives. In addition to hour in-house faculty, we have Global Industry Experts who will be assisting students in dealing with cutting-edge industry hurdles.

  • Top Awards and Rankings

Most importantly, Shobhit Deemed University is accredited by (NAAC) and is certified under ISO 9001:2008

Listed below are Top Awards and Rankings of Shobhit University:

  • Ranked India’s Top 22 Technical Universities in India Today University Ranking 2020
  • Ranked Top 60 Engineering Institutions of India in Times Engineering Institute Ranking 2020
  • Ranked in Top 21 Multidisciplinary Universities in North Zone of India
  • Ranked 1st in India’s Top Law School of Excellence
  • Ranked amongst Top 50 B- School of India
  • Ranked amongst Top 15 Private Universities in India
  • Ranked Top15 B-School in North Zone of India.

To know more Awards and Recognition Information click https://bit.ly/3mplIN9

  • Excellent Placement Record and Assistance

We are proud to announce, since years of establishment, we have successfully placed 50,000+ alumni in the leading global companies. To fit into the company’s norms and requirements, the entire placement process is regulated as per the student’s eligibility, capability, and performance.

Additionally, our pre-placement paid internship programs have widened the career opportunities for young aspirants.

  • Industry Oriented Teaching

Our development programs are not limited to the four walls of the classrooms. We engage and convert students to become futuristic decision-makers to excel in their careers.

At Shobhit Deemed University, potential industry leaders across the globe are invited to guide every individual. Hardcore training, field exposures, mentorship programs, guest lectures, training and workshop seminars, and career counselling sessions are performed to build career stability. 

Moreover, to excel in the world of competence students are also provided with Short-term Job Oriented Courses like short internship training and professional certifications relevant to the student’s work profiles.

  • Hi-tech Campus

Learning is our primary objective; hence, we have collaborated with the best player “BSNL” in the communication industry to give you the fastest wireless internet connectivity. Further, to strengthen skill development, the labs and libraries are designed with high technical schemes.

Pledging to evolve the e-learning pattern of education, the institute has accommodated the whole campus, classrooms, and residential blocks with high -speed internet facilities, excellent IT resources, latest audio and visual aids. Free access of hot-spot is available throughout the college and campus premises.

  • Personality Development Modules

Besides career services, internships, and knowledge advancement programs, Shobhit Deemed University is indulged in Personality Development Modules. This initiative is taken to add value to the student’s overall resumes. This tweaked development model will additionally provide numerous benefits during the time of placement interviews, client presentations, or corporate communications.

Hence, we are here to mold and transform every student at its best! For individual growth, Shobhit Deemed University is offering students with career development services like skill development programs, personality grooming sessions, inter-disciplinary workshops, and placement preparatory modules.

  • Residential Accommodation

Shobhit Deemed University is just the right campus that you have been longing for! Residing in University will develop a sense of sharing and adaptability towards global cultures.

The mesmerizing campus has provided students with two residential options like Traditional Residence Halls and Suit-style Arrangements, which is exceptionally designed with artistic dining halls and cosy sitting spaces.

And finally, the most important the cuisines served is fresh, nutritious, and alive to satisfy  keep the taste buds.

  • Intensive Industry Interaction

“Knowledge should not be limited to books. “At Shobhit Deemed University students are encouraged to take active participation when it comes to interactive programs, on-field exposures, and competitive on the job training.

These intensive industry interaction seminars are conducted to boost confidence within the students in terms of communication, knowledge, and personal upliftment.

Apart from these, Alumni, Guest Lectures, and Industry Experts Sessions from across the industry are also arranged to inspire the students.

  1. Extracurricular Activities

As the university follows a Multi-disciplinary approach of teaching, it has further aimed to revolutionize the learning landscape by aligning industry-oriented strategy. Through this effective technique, students are also motivated to experiment in various fields and urge to come up with innovative solutions for tomorrow.

Therefore, Shobhit Deemed University conducts several professional courses and workshops to foster the hidden qualities of any student during the course duration.

So far, Shobhit Deemed University has been immensely proud of adding another feather to the victory in the learning hub by delivering gems in the corporate world every year and is further expected to win the journey.

Hence, Shobhit Deemed University is cordially inviting all the young future of India to register themselves with advanced and professional learning programs.

Click to enroll https://admission.shobhituniversity.ac.in/ 

Come and experience the difference with Shobhit Deemed University.

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