Vice President Message

Mr. Bharat Agrawal

Vice President, PERA

PERA has been established as an association of private universities, largely from the state of Maharashtra, but also from other parts of our country.

The objective of every private university is primarily the interest of students. We understand the national goals of improving the gross enrolment ratio in our country, improving Quality of Education, Increase in Research and Innovations etc.

We aspire most students to join higher education, learn skills, learn knowledge, do research, and finally develop their careers and lives. For doing so, the private universities have to play an important role as good as the government and the state universities.

The objective of PERA is primarily to foster collaborations between all Private Universities so as to talk about the general interest of all the students, the interest of the teachers, the higher objectives of research and innovation and improving Industry Academia connects.

I am sure the members of PERA would be work cohesively in the interest of the national agenda and in the interest of our students.