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Program Overview

Pursuing online post graduate diploma in machine learning & artificial intelligence is becoming a must for the working professionals as today; almost all industries are considering using & deploying AI & ML technologies in the processes to improve their business operations. Online PG Diploma in AI and ML will give you the ability to couple and collect huge data from various sources and process them at very low cost computing cost. This essentially means that numerous enterprises will need larger number of workforce who has the knowledge and skills to deploy AI & ML tools & technologies in any Industry.

Did you know – the global artificial intelligence market size was valued anywhere between 30 to 40 billion USD in 2020 by various sources and AI Market share is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30% to 45% from 2021 to 2030? This is leading many organizations to shift their focus & utilize AI & ML in every development project to take the best advantage of huge data, and tremendous computing power to derive better artificial intelligence and use it productively. Again, this will generate lots of workforce requirement for the professionals with skills in AI & ML.

You will be glad to know that the content of this course has been curated by industry pioneers and experts to provide exposure to the tools and technologies dealing with AI & ML. This will render the interns with an opportunity to explore industry’s best practices & domains. After successfully completing this course of online post graduate diploma in machine learning & artificial intelligence, the candidates will be ready to boost their career growth and make a name for themselves.

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Why Choose PGD in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Nowadays, AI & ML are not mere buzzwords! They have made their way in various industries and investing your time to learn these technologies will secure your future.

133 million new jobs will be developed by 2022 through AI and ML

The reputed Economic Times has stated that the world will need around 133 million skilled AI and ML professionals by 2022. This means that these technologies have an overwhelming demand and the skills of a relevant professional are not going out of the style in the imminent future.

According to the Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, AI will be more life-changing than electricity and fire.

When the Google-honcho says something and especially a fact, there is no reason to have a shadow of doubt in it. Today, we have pet-robots and household robots to assist differently-abled persons to dress up! This shows the tremendous and limitless scope of AI and ML everywhere – from domestic to enterprises.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for pursing online PGD in AI and ML has been thought diligently so we can benefit maximum number of students and working professionals.

  • E. /B. Tech. or Bachelors in Computers – B. Sc., BCA, BBA (CA), MCA
  • Sc. / M. Sc. in Mathematics or Statistics with an aggregate of 55% marks or equivalent

Who can get the Maximum Benefit out of This Course?

  • Working Professionals
  • Recently passed graduates
  • Students who have completed their master’s
  • Entrepreneurs

How to Apply for Online PGD in AI and ML?

The process of applying for this exclusive online postgraduate diploma in AI and ML is super-easy. You can refer to the below representation and voilà – you are almost done.

Step: 1

Step: 2

Step: 3

Step: 4


Fill in the registration form & make payment


Screening of Application


Online interview with a panelist


Admission offer letter


The aim of online PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is to transform you into a better professional and make you ever-ready for future via practical and outcome-based learning. With our exclusive program, you will become industry-ready.

If you are looking to learn the technologies of future and advance your career in AI and ML niche then this program will definitely beneficial for you. You will learn –computer vision, NLP, deep learning and more. With this program you can become – Data scientist, machine learning engineer, data engineer, and more.

The faculty members of online PGD in AI and ML are renowned industry pioneers who will be your instructors and mentors. They will assist you to learn the curriculum and guide you in capstone projects. In short, they will help you boost your career and take it to the next level.

Yes, once you have successfully completed the program you will get a valuable certification from us that will prove your skills and keep you ahead of the curve as compared to your peers and contemporaries.

You can enroll yourself with us and relish a recession-proof career. Book a seat by following the below procedure:

  • Registration: Fill in the registration form & make the payment
  • Test: Screening of Application will be done
  • Interview: Online interview will take place with a panelist
  • Result: Admission offer letter will be provided

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