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MIT Centre for Future Skills Excellence is the flagship and most sought after online program of MIT Art, Design and Technology University. We have solely dedicated ourselves to reshape the lives of students and working professionals via excellence in future exponential technologies to have a strong impact in tomorrow’s economy.

Explore Our Programs

Our exclusive programs are designed by world-renowned industry stalwarts to make your career highly rewarding and 100% recession-proof.

PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Lean the most demanding skills of 21st century and become industry-ready with PG Diploma in AI and ML. Boost your career via hands-onlearningexperience that goes beyond typical classroom approach.

PG Diploma in Cloud Computing

PG Diploma in Cloud Computing carefully crafted for working professionals will make you ever-ready for the modern challenge. With this program explore how to build cloud-based infrastructures and deploy cloud-backed applications.

PG Diploma in Cybersecurity & Forensics

MIT FuSE’s PG Diploma in Cybersecurity and Forensics will help you safeguard an enterprise data from any cyber-attack, theft, or damage. Be an asset to any organization when you have this program under your resume.

PG Diploma in ERP

PG Diploma in ERP will assist you toexplore aggregatingseveral business operations such as -finance, supply chain, and manufacturing services in a single platform. This will help you make decisions and run an organization in a friction-less manner.

PG Diploma in Blockchain

The ultra-comprehensive PG Diploma in Blockchain program for working professionalsis diligently designed to develophighly qualified leaders in this budding technological transformation niche.

PG Diploma in IoT

With PG Diploma in IoT learn how physical objects or “things” that are connected to internet such as sensors and software share data with each other. Explore new technologies and their endless real-life applications.

PG Diploma in Data Science

Did you know Forbes stated that Data Scientist is the hottest job of 21st century? Work in your dream company with – PG Diploma in Data Science. Invest your time for the career of tomorrow.Enroll yourself in the online PG diploma course for working professionals.

PG Diploma in Digital Marketing

With PG Diploma in Digital Marketing leave your footprint in the era of digital landscape by developing revolutionary market strategies and help an organization reach its business goals.

Why Choose MIT FuSE?

MIT Centre for Future Skills Excellence provides students and working professionals 360-degee career-oriented programs in the mostdemandingof domains. With us, you can avail best-in-class mentors and instructors, achieve 100% learning satisfaction, and smooth career transitions. Choose MIT FuSE to get noticed and get hired& give your career the boost it deserves. Join us to always stay future-ready!

Scrupulously designed for working professionals and graduates

Take part in live case-based learning


Diligently crafted Live Classes & Workshops


Provision for self-learning at your own Pace (Minimum 6 to 8 hrs. a week)

Indulge yourself in collaborative projects

Mandatory Industry Interfaced Live Project (Provided with Assistance)



Attend lectures from industry pioneers & experienced faculty members

Industry Connect Assignments – 20

Avail best-in-class mentorship sessions

Partake in quizzes & examinations



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