PGP Ex in Leaders Transformation for Growth(LTG)

1 Year Program |
Post Graduate Diploma |
Manufacturing Sector

PGP Ex in Leaders Transformation for Growth(LTG)

1 Year Program |
Post Graduate Diploma |
Manufacturing Sector

1 Year
Duration of the Course

Total No. of Semesters, divided into 4 quarters

Total Credits

6, 25,000
Total Fees

Who is it for?

PGP LTG (Manufacturing) is a one-year program for grooming the emerging leaders with minimum 5 years of full time work experience and the next generation of family owned businesses.

Business excellence Boot Camps to attain depth of learning and effective decision making . The program is designed for peer learning driven pedagogy with strong focus on Embedding LEAN, Strategy for Manufacturing, Design and Nurturing Innovation.

The products of this program shall be the change agents, who would provide the strategic impetus over a wide range of verticals such as Operation & Supply chain management, Strategic planning, Business development, Digital transformation & World class manufacturing.

Adaption of the fourth age technologies and evolving leadership role to create needed impact.

LTG (Manufacturing) Program’s Core Domains of Intervention

T-Shape Competence Building for LTG Program

Course Curriculum

Semester 1 : Quarter 1

Subject Code Subject Name Credits Boot Camp Highlights
Behavioral Economics and Corporate Governance 2
Innovation and Strategy
  • Innovation and Strategy Gurukul
  • Breakthrough Thinking and Engagement
  • Innovation Workouts on LIVE Challenge(s)
  • Design Thinking and Beyond
  • Strategic Thinking and developing breakthrough Strategies
  • Transforming disruptive Innovation into Competitive business
  • Leading Product Innovation
  • Business and Corporate Strategy
  • Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage
  • Execution Roadmap
LTG 102 Problem Solving with Statistics and Emerging
Business Models
LTG 103 Lean operations Design and Management 2
LTG 104 Organization, People and Performance 2
LTG 105 Boot Camp-01 Innovation and Strategy 4
LTG 106 Live Business Excellence Project 01 2
LTG 107 Capstone Project Stage 1 2
Total Credit

Semester 1 : Quarter 2

Subject Code Subject Name Credits Boot Camp Highlights
LTG 201 Design Thinking for Manufacturing 2
Leadership and Organization
  • Leadership Gurukul
  • Leadership and Organizational Performance
  • Transforming Mindsets
  • Developing and Leading High –Performance Teams
  • Becoming an Outstanding Business Leader and Leading Change
  • Leading Global Businesses
  • Leadership Accelerator-1-Advance Leadership for transformative impact
  • Leadership Accelerator-2-Creating Next Practices
  • Leadership Accelerator-3-Leadership Workouts
LTG 202 Globalization and Outsourcing 2
LTG 203 Financial Strategy for Growth 2
LTG 204 Value Stream Mapping (VSM) 2
LTG 205 Boot Camp-02 Leadership and Organizational Transformation 4
LTG 206 Live Business Excellence Project 2 2
LTG 207 Capstone Project Stage 2 2
Total Credit

Semester 2 : Quarter 3

Subject Code Subject Name Credits Boot Camp Highlights
LTG 301 Sustainability: From Best Practices to Next Practices 2
Decision Science, IT and Analytics
  • Decision Science Gurukul
  • Dynamics of IOE and relevance in Business
  • Key Trends in Technology and adoption
  • ERP workflow & BPR
  • Structured and Unstructured data management system
  • Competing on Big Data
  • Application of Analytics in your Business.
  • Driving Digital Strategy.
  • Creating value through people, process, data and things (networked connection)
  • AI in Manufacturing
LTG 302 The Virtual factory 2
LTG 303 Digital Marketing, Services and Customer 2
LTG 304 Advance Supply chain and Logistics Planning 2
LTG 305 Boot Camp-03 : Decision Science, IT and Analytics 4
LTG 306 Live Business Excellence Project 3 2
LTG 307 Capstone Project Stage -3 2
Total Credit

Semester 2 : Quarter 4

Subject Code Subject Name Credits Boot Camp Highlights
LTG 401 Product Design and New Product Management 2
Industry 4.0 Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing 4.0 and Operation Excellence Gurukul
  • Live cases (4) and cross learnings
  • New Business model and forms of operations w.r.t industry4.0
  • Decoding cultural and workforce factors prior to investment in new technology
  • Roles across levels for implementing new technology
  • Use of IOT to leverage existing practices like lean, sixsigma, TPM etc
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing System
  • Developing Coherent Roadmap
LTG 402 Business Simulation 2
LTG 403 Boot Camp 4: Industry 4.0 Manufacturing 4
LTG 404 Industry Trek – Studying Best Practices at Manufacturing 4
LTG 405 Capstone Project and Presentation 4
Total Credit

Each Boot Camp in Quarter Comprises:

9 Days formal classroom immersion and Facilitation
1 Live Business Excellence Project
1 Leadership Coaching Session
3 Master classes from International faculty

Evaluation Methodology

  • MITADTU will award a PGPEx (Equivalence to PG Diploma) to Participants on successfully scoring 50% in every continuous evaluation component and maintaining a minimum 80% of attendance.
  • Participants will also be required to work on individual/ group assignments and/ or projects.