PGPEx in Innovation and Venture Building (IVB)

1 Year Program |
Post Graduate Diploma |
Any Sector

PGPEx in Innovation and Venture Building (IVB)

1 Year Program |
Post Graduate Diploma |
Any Sector

1 Year
Duration of the Course

Total No. of Semesters, divided into 4 quarters

Total Credits

6, 25,000
Total Fees

Why this program?

A year long program provides opportunity for transforming business leaders  into change makers through nurturing innovation capability and entrepreneurial edge. This program offers a deeply immersive and unique experience for working professionals with minimum 5 years of experience, who are committed to drive a growth in a changing world.

The Program bridges research-backed concepts into practice, empowering participants to transform knowledge into impact which eventually leading to create new environment for fostering innovations.

The insightful curriculum will be delivered in application of business frameworks in real time to real life business challenges. Program content focuses on innovation and strategy, entrepreneurial framework, developing team charter, opportunity sizing, competition, customer value proposition, market insighting, customer acquisition, business model, technology forecasting and growth drivers, and negotiating investment.

Participants will experience an immersive and impactful business program that propels them, their team and organization to the next level.

Core Domains of Intervention

T-Shape Competence Building for IVB Program

Course Curriculum

Semester 1 : Quarter 1

Subject Code Subject Name Credits Boot Camp Highlights
IVB 101 Creativity, Innovation and Business Strategy 2
Innovation and Strategy
  • Innovation and Strategy Gurukul
  • Breakthrough Thinking and Engagement
  • Innovation Workouts on LIVE Challenge(s)
  • Design Thinking and Beyond
  • Strategic Thinking and developing breakthrough Strategies
  • Transforming disruptive Innovation into Competitive business
  • Leading Product Innovation
  • Business and Corporate Strategy
  • Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage
  • Execution Roadmap
IVB 102 Finance for Non Finance 2
IVB 103 Problem Solving Methods and Entrepreneurial Spirit 2
IVB 104 Designing and Configuring Business Models 2
IVB 105 Boot Camp-01: Innovation and Strategy 4
IVB 106 Venture Garage -01 (Live Business Excellence Project) 2
IVB 107 Capstone Project – Stage 1 2
Total Credit

Semester 1 : Quarter 2

Subject Code Subject Name Credits Boot Camp Highlights
IVB 201 Design Thinking for Venture Building 2
Leadership and Organization
  • Leadership Gurukul
  • Leadership and Organizational Performance
  • Transforming Mindsets
  • Developing and Leading High –Performance Teams
  • Becoming an Outstanding Business Leader and
    Leading Change
  • Leading Global Businesses
  • Leadership Accelerator-1-Advance Leadership for
    transformative impact
  • Leadership Accelerator-2-Creating Next
  • Leadership Accelerator-3-Leadership Workouts
IVB 202 Advance Brand Management 2
IVB 203 Economics for Managers 2
IVB 204 Venture Project Management Tools and Techniques 2
IVB 205 Boot Camp-02 :Leadership and Organizational Transformation 4
IVB 206 Venture Garage -02 (Live Business Excellence Project) 2
IVB 207 Capstone Project – Stage 2 2
Total Credit

Semester 2 : Quarter 3

Subject Code Subject Name Credits Boot Camp Highlights
IVB301 Venture Steering and Accelerating 2
Decision Science, IT and Analytics
  • Decision Science Gurukul
  • Key trends in Technology and Adoption
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO Expert.
  • Google Ads Certification.
  • Master Facebook Ads Advertising.
  • Become an expert in Google Analytics.
  • Data Visualization using Tableau
  • Data Modelling
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Advanced Excel
  • Introduction to Big Data and Cloud
IVB 302 Technology Road mapping and Forecasting 2
IVB 303 International Business and Strategic Alliances 2
IVB 304 Pitching and Funding Entrepreneurial Ventures 2
IVB 305 Boot Camp-03 :Data Science IT and Analytics 4
IVB 306 Venture Garage -03 (Live
Business Excellence Project)
IVB 307 Capstone Project – 03 (Live Business Excellence Project) 2
Total Credit

Semester 2 : Quarter 4

Subject Code Subject Name Credits Boot Camp Highlights
IVB 401 IPR and Technology Communication 2
Business Simulation
Themes of Case Studies
  • Linking Innovation to Business Strategy
  • Diversification
  • Emerging Business Models
  • Disrupting the Market
  • Consumer Insights and Behaviors
  • Stakeholder mobilization/stakeholder reflection
  • Scaling up the business
One on one Mentoring Sessions:
  • Discovering yourself
  • Building High Performance teams
  • Developing New Culture
  • Executive Promising ideas/initiatives
  • Embracing the failure
IVB 402 Visual Sociology 2
IVB 403 Business Simulation: 15 Theme based in-depth Case Studies 4
IVB 404 Venture Garage -4 (Mentoring Sessions -5 ) 4
IVB 405 Capstone Project Final Phase –  Project Completion and Presentation 4
Total Credit

Each Boot Camp in Quarter Comprises:

9 Days formal classroom immersion and Facilitation
1 Live Business Excellence Project
1 Leadership Coaching Session
3 Master classes from International faculty

Evaluation Methodology

  • MITADTU will award a PGPEx (Equivalence to PG Diploma) to Participants on successfully scoring 50% in every continuous evaluation component and maintaining a minimum 80% of attendance.
  • Participants will also be required to work on individual/ group assignments and/ or projects.