New-Age University for Innovators

125 acres of sprawling green campus

New-Age University for Innovators

125 acres of sprawling green campus

Who we are

MIT School of Corporate Innovation and Leadership (MIT SCIL) has been conceptualized to develop impactful and growth leaders for the future organizations.We help the working Professionals  to discover themselves, identify the opportunities around them, realize their capability, inner potential and support them in bringing it to the forefront and emerge as a leader with renewed zeal, work methodology and mindful thought processes.

Our Philosophy

A place where creativity, innovation & Entrepreneurship coexist

Believes in holistic learning approach

Strives in creating change-champions within organizations

To help the prospects to visualize, self-acknowledge and unleash their true potential

To acquire key operations excellence, strategic and critical skills to become an exemplary professional.


Creating Exemplary Professionals, Visionary Leaders & Innovative Enterprises in  a Changing World.


“Touching Quarter Million Working Professionals by 2025”

Our Values & Transformation Framework

Transformation culture is the shared set of assumptions,beliefs & values,
that guide an organization’s mindest and behavior towards innovation – Dr. Rahul More

University Clusters for an Enriched Learning Experience in your Journey

Technology & Management Cluster Institutions

Creative Clusters Institutions

14+ Institutes

128+ Courses & Programs

206 MOU with Industry

500+ Faculties

312+ Major Recruiters on Board

36+ Foreign University Collaboration