An esteemed panel of qualified professionals with over 23 years of experience and expertise in weight management and balanced nutrition lay the foundation of Eat Sensor.

Aiming towards a healthy and holistic lifestyle for all, the team at EAT SENSOR provides dietary supplements and natural products with the utmost focus on quality because we firmly believe – you are what you eat!When adopting a healthy lifestyle seems laborious, that’s where Eat Sensor comes in.


Eat Sensor brings balance to your regular nutritional intake through daily routines and targeted solutions. Our products contain natural ingredients to help fill the gaps in your daily diet and promote a wholesome lifestyle. At Eat Sensor, we commit to guiding you through the complex world of healthy eating and dietary supplements like plant protein.

Eat Sensor endorses clean, healthy, and diabetic-friendly products with no added preservatives and additives. Our plant protein powder gets made with fiber and digestive enzymes apart from the other natural ingredients, ideal for weight management and a healthy lifestyle.