Complete Guide to MBA Dual Specialization

MBA is the essence of any management degree. It is the most versatile program that a candidate desires for when it comes to seeking a master’s degree in management studies. A few years ago, in India, MBA Dual specialization was an uncommon option. But today, due to the shift in market trends and need for multi-level operations, organizations started demanding for the multi-skilled and time-efficient workforce.

However, it is a well-known fact that in the world of business, the more multifaceted you are, the better & bigger opportunities you are going to receive. Today, MBA dual specialization is providing a new dimension to management studies; so, acquiring knowledge in this degree will surely provide an edge to rule over success. It invites numerous advantages to you. 

This blog attempts to showcase domains that merged in the dual specialisation, how the degree is expanding the knowledge and training an individual to become well-rounded professional. Further, the readers will develop an understanding of how the program is proving to be more employment-oriented for the candidates. 

What Is MBA Dual Specialization?

When a student has a choice to choose two discrete specializations during the same tenure of management studies, it is called an MBA dual specialization. The 2-year MBA dual specialization gives you a wide understanding of two different subjects in one degree. Dual specialization is comparatively more exciting and challenging than Single specialization. 

The theoretical knowledge and practical experience of two different subjects balance & resolve problems on a broader level. Plus, benefits the professionals in obtaining extra knowledge to sustain the challenges of the competitive job market and further teaches industry-based tactics to secure careers.

Dual MBA Duration

Dual MBA streamlines two-degree programs together while concentrating on two areas. The course-duration generally lasts for 2 years and offers a master’s degree in any two desired specialized field.

Hence, this degree is proclaimed as a fast-track professional master’s degree.

Dual MBA Eligibility

Dual MBA program widens opportunities at the managerial level. The course can be pursued after successful completion of graduation with following eligibility & score criteria:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with minimum 50% marks aggregate for general category in any discipline from any recognized University.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with minimum 45% marks aggregate for reserved category in any discipline from any recognized University.
  • Final year students can also apply.
  • National Level Qualifying Test Score Card/ ASBMUEE Test Score Card.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students having secured minimum 70% mark or equivalent CGPA in 10th, 12th and Graduation.
  • Or else students having secured minimum 65% mark or equivalent CGPA in 10th, 12th and Graduation.

Dual MBA Admission Process:

Admission Process for Dual MBA degree program is shortlisted based on candidate’s performance in the below-stated sections:

  • Any National Level Qualifying Admission Entrance Test (MAH-CET/CAT/XAT/MAT/ATMA/ ASBMUEE) with a valid score is accepted,
  • Past academic, sports extra-curricular activities performance records, & work experience (if any),
  • Performance in Group Discussion & Personal Interview.

If you are shortlisted you will be called for the final selection round and fill in your forms for admission.

Dual MBA Fees

Dual MBA course fees structure usually depends on the various factors like infrastructural & learning facilities, recognition & awards, extracurricular activities, placement assistance campus amenities and student development modules imparted by the institutes or universities.

So, note this point that the fee structure will always differ. But the average annual fee structure of a reputed college or university in India starts from INR 2.40 Lakh and above.


List of the MBA Dual Specialization Program combinations that you can pursue:

Full-time, part-time, online, executive, or correspondence, there are many types of MBA dual specializations in India that target the requirements and standards of various industries. Today, in this blog we are going to cover a list of most common MBA dual specialization available in Top Universities and B-Schools in India:

  • Marketing and Finance
  • Marketing and HRM
  • Operations and HRM
  • HRM and Organizational Leadership
  • Marketing and Operations Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Analytics and Finance
  • Analytics and Marketing
  • Analytics and Accounting
  • Cybersecurity and Logistics

MBA Dual Specialization Syllabus:

MBA Dual Specialization syllabus varies from institute to institute or university to university. The course curriculum is divided into four semesters which will give graduates an extensive understanding of business investment policies, economics, marketing operations as well as a variety of practical skills development.

The programme ensures of making the students job-ready in various domains. The MBA Dual Specialization syllabus comprises of topics and subjects like:

  • Principles of Management
  • Managerial Communication
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions
  • Economic Analysis for Business Decisions
  • Personality Development Modules
  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • Business Research Methods
  • International Business Policies
  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Summer Training Report and Presentation
  • Entrepreneurship Development and most important basic theories and practical exposures of the specialization subject that the candidate has selected.

Future Scope of Dual MBA Specialization in India:

In recent times, MBA dual specialization has set a paradigm for professional development. This comprehensive degree is job-centric. Thus, it promises outstanding scope and career advancement. 

To move ahead with, let us scroll through the list of advantages which makes the scope of MBA Dual Specialization more comprehensive:

Choose a specialization that follows your passion:

An MBA dual specialization program gives candidates the right to choose their area of interest. The dual degree allows the students to pick a specialization which suits their passion as well as hike job opportunities.

Market Trends:

The business world has been constantly upgrading its trends. In this case, if a candidate is chasing behind a single specialization, he may be left with nothing in his bucket. Therefore, don’t let a single specialization hamper your chances.

If one job or sector is forecasted to decline, strategically the other option available in your hand will show you directions towards progression.

Broader Growth Opportunities:

An MBA dual specialization program serves a wide range of career-building opportunities. As it offers two areas of expertise under a single curriculum, it increases the chances of employment. Hence, students will be qualified and well-equipped with skills in two distinct domains at one go.

Enhances managerial skills:

MBA dual specialization will assist students to ingest the managerial skills and stay more focused when it comes to exploring and extracting new information. Dual knowledge will help the graduates to grasp and attain success in problem-solving diverse areas of management.

Assures Job Security:

Today, the scenario of job stability is quite unpredictable. While shortlisting a post-graduation degree a student always considers the most vital aspect of career “Job Security”. An MBA dual specialization provides job assurance against all odds. In this degree, aspirants are equipped with a wide pool of knowledge in various specialization, competency and potentiality to deal with challenging circumstances.

Adaptability in Career Shift:

Growth prospects are innumerable if you go for MBA dual specialization. As you will be gaining knowledge and expertise in two different domains, you will get more choices to apply. MBA dual specialization program helps students to perform and excel in a variety of job-related responsibilities. 

Hence, this program makes one easily adaptable to career switch when one comes across divergent opportunities.


Business is all about fruitful networking. An MBA dual specialization program prepares candidates to polish their network building skills. During the period of industrial excursions and internships, they get opportunities to study the real business world, work environment and connect to potential networks. Besides, meeting different people from different domain and background in college, inter-college competition and workshops make network vast. 

Become your “Own Boss”:

Last but not the least, you can become an Entrepreneur. With a sense of understanding in two different departments of a business, it becomes easier to establish your own business. As you will be trained in dual subjects, you will be more skilled to tackle challenges and convert them into opportunities. 

Hence, aspirants are preferably opting for a feasible professional program like “MBA dual specialization”. 

How to Choose Dual Specialization in MBA?

While choosing your dual specialization, you must consider the following key points:

  • Choose a specialization that interests you and fits for career goals achievement.
  • Study the long-term Scope of the degree, Placement and Career prospects.
  • Have clarity about the length of the program.
  • Prefer to the reputation and learning expertise of the institute from where you are going to pursue the specialization.
  • Lastly, go for an MBA dual specialization that ensures a high ROI.

Is Dual Specialization in MBA Good?

Though both courses have their essence in the field of management, it baffles your decision during the time of final selection. When it comes to counting opportunities and measuring the height of success, MBA dual specialization delivers more. Not one, students gain the expertise to concentrate on two specializations at one time.

To take the right step ahead, you should be clear with your goals, area of interest and the most important your abilities. Apart from this ensure you should be aware of the ongoing and upcoming market requirements. If you are through with all these, you are sure to hit the bull’s eye and win the position.

Difference Between MBA and MBA-Dual Specialization:

Single Specialization MBA:

The 2-year MBA Single Specialization program throws light on only one specialization subject that will develop skills and knowledge in the specific area as selected by the student like marketing, finance, business operations, or HR to handle business administration, business operations, and business management. The candidate will be eligible to apply for a single domain which means narrowing down job prospects.

MBA-Dual Specialization:

The program incorporates two areas of specializations that results in getting in-depth knowledge and competence in fields that are interconnected.

Some combinations are as follows:

  • Accounting & finance,
  • Marketing & analytics,
  • Operations & marketing,
  • IT & human resources management, etc.

Further, MBA Dual specialization will allow you to apply for jobs in either of the two you will be open for wider opportunities.

Therefore, as per the current industry trends, one should opt for MBA Dual Specialization as it indicates more career progress.

Which MBA Dual Specialization Pays the Most:

Getting a job with a high salary package is a fantasy for every individual. MBA Dual Specialization provides you with the chance to fulfill your ambition.

The kind of MBA specialization you choose has a great impact on the salary. Salary aspects generally depend on the company, profile or sector that you join. It also depends on the type of the B-school or university from where you have earned your Dual MBA degree.

If you also aspire to earn more after completing your MBA Dual Specialization then you can consider the following specialization.

List of highest paying MBA Dual specializations:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • IT
  • Human Resource
  • Operations

Therefore, choose your MBA specialization wisely.

Career Opportunities MBA-Dual Specialization:

Multinational organizations are looking for aspirants who can multitask and have obtained expertise in understanding the overall business operations & multiple departments of the organization.

MBA dual specialization will surely excel your career graph, but it also depends on which specialisation subject you are opting. Listed below are a few bullet points that are quite common for all the specialization:

  • Double specialization, double job exposure will lead to an increase in knowledge.
  • The course will inevitably multiply your opportunities.
  • Extends your platforms in two discrete domains that will give you more flexibility to move from one department to another.
  • A higher value for money can be attended.

MBA dual specialization will give you invaluable career opportunities to help shape your ideas and attain essential goals into corporate administration while making you win the race.

Benefits of Dual MBA Specialization

MBA dual specialization program provides an aspirant with more improvised knowledge, expertise and skills in diverse areas of interest. It imparts various specializations, which allow the candidate to gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in tow specific domains. Therefore, today there is a rise in demand witnessed for pursuing an MBA dual specialization. 

Now, let us consider the factors which influences the management students to opt this program:

  • Dual professional degree under a single umbrella saves a lot of penny and time, i.e., wider and offers increased value for money.
  • Integration of two different degree programs under one curriculum provides a better understanding and increases knowledge intake, i.e., higher employer demand.
  • This route offers a fast-track way to achieve excellence thereby welcoming more lucrative career opportunities knocking at your door.
  • It provides an extra competitive edge over other MBA graduates as it adds on to the benefits of doing an MBA in dual subjects.
  • Dual MBA specialization MBA issues potential versatility & expands the horizon for students by giving them opportunities to work in multiple sectors, responsibilities and job profiles.


Doing an MBA helps you gain expertise, apply pragmatic solutions and develop skills to detangle complex real-time problems. Today, both MBA dual specialization and MBA single specialization are in a boom. However, pursuing a Dual MBA specialization in Bhubaneswar from the best B-school management college will make a remarkable career difference.

Future technocrats, if you are seeking for one of the top Universities for Dual MBA in Bhubaneswar, then reach out to us for immediate enrollment. We are right here to assist you to elevate towards success!

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