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Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process


A two months/8-week summer internship is a mandatory requirement of the MBA program and every student is expected to work in the industry after completing the first year of the academic program for the said period of two months. The Summer Placement process is typically held in the month of February every year.

During the summer internship, the students get an opportunity to apply management concepts to a live project to understand and analyze business problems in the real world. Selection is typically based on personal interviews on campus.


The final placements process is conducted to recruit students for permanent, full-time positions with various companies. students are allowed to apply based on the eligibility criteria set by the recruiting companies. The final placement process starts from the month of September every year, towards the end of the course.

During the final placement process firms are invited to the University campus on a particular day. The firms conduct different rounds of interview and select the candidates as per the requirement.”