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Post liberalization, privatization and globalization policies of Government of India heralded in 1991, Indian economy entered into a fast forward mode. It became one of the fastest growing economies in the world along with Brazil, China and Russia.Rapid growth of economy put more money in the hands of the customers and their purchasing power increased. On the supply side the level of competition increased and, the increased availability of products and services triggered higher expectations from the customers. Faced with the challenge of meeting the customer expectations, organizations are now forced to look within and become cost effective. Logistics and Supply Chain as a discipline, which until now was not exploited for its potential to create value in organizations is now recognized.

ASBM University, Bhubaneswar in collaboration with Gati Ltd., Hyderabad has created a platform; Gati Center of Excellence in Logistics & Supply Chain Management to act as a catalyst to make this happen.

The objectives of the center are

  • To sensitize the user industry of the potential of value addition that logistics & supply chain can bring in their operations.
  • To help 3PL service providers to develop and change services and infrastructure in line with market.
  • To train working executives in the changing paradigm of the industry.
  • To develop quality management graduates who can be inducted into the industry in logistics & supply chain discipline in particular and operation in general.

Towards this objective, the center is offering specialization in Logistics & Supply Chain Management in regular Two Years Full Time PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) and PGDM – IB (International Business) Programme. Also it offers Post Graduate Programs in Logistics & Supply Chain Management for the Working Executives in distance mode with the approval of the regulatory authorities, and DEC, Government of India.

As part of industry and academic interface, the center has conducted a National Seminar on futuristic theme, Logistics & Supply Chain Industry in India by 2020: Prospects and Challenges. Industry stalwarts from infrastructure building like, Dhamra Port, Indian Railways; heavy users like Paradeep Phosphates, Grasim Industry, Aditya Birla Group Bhusan Power & Steel; 3Pl companies such as Gati Ltd. and ABC India Ltd. And human resource consultancy firms like ZCS Consulting were called to discuss and come up with a road map for the future.